Once you have selected you spectacle frames our Dispensing Opticians are on hand to help you select the best lens for your optical needs. We can source lenses from all parts of the globe. We work closely with most major suppliers (Essilor, Nikon, Seiko) and hold a stock bank of standard and high index Carl Zeiss lenses in our laboratory.

Single Vision lenses come in all shapes and forms and allow the eye to be corrected for a specific task like distance or reading.

Progressive lenses allow the eye to be corrected for distance,intermediate and near. As well as allowing the wearer the ability to see clearly, it also has no unsightly lines, which can be ageing.

Occupational lens is ideal for those feeling the strain of this working on a computer everyday. It is a lens that gives wide bands of vision for office work, or in an indoor environment.

Our lens all come in a section of materials – thin high index option, super thin biaspherc lens and trivex ideal for sport or children’s spectacles. A host of coatings, transitions and tints are available too.